Philadelphia detectives today announced the arrest of a North Philadelphia man charged with being one of three gunmen who kidnapped a North Philadelphia man Wednesday and planned to use him as leverage to get to a West Mount Airy businessman.

Police Central Detective Division said Jameell Gaymon, 23, of the 1400 block of Kings Place, was being held on robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, aggravated assault, burglary and firearms charges.

Detectives said the drama began at 1 a.m. Wednesday. A North Philadelphia man had just parked his car and was about to enter his house when three gunmen accosted him and forced him back into the vehicle.

The victim, whom detectives did not identify, was assaulted with a stun gun, bound with duct tape, and ordered to take his kidnappers to the home of his employer, whom detectives identified only as a "successful West Mount Airy businessman."

When the car reached the businessman's home, detectives said, two of the three gunmen walked toward the house. The businessman, however, spotted the men, became suspicious and called police.

As officers from the 14th District arrived at the businessman's house, detectives said, the gunmen fled. Officers followed one suspect's footprints in the snow to a neighbor's backyard, where they allegedly found Gaymon hiding under patio furniture.

Detectives said the kidnap victim, still bound with duct tape on his hands and feet, then appeared on the scene and later identified Gaymon as one of the three gunmen.

According to detectives, the trio planned to kidnap, rob or extort money from the businessman.

Detectives said police were still searching for the two gunmen who escaped and asked anyone with information to contact the Central Detective Division at 215-686-3093.

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