A Chester County mother whose alleged abduction of her 4-year-old daughter, Alexis Roadside, led to an Amber alert was taken into custody yesterday in Florida. Authorities said Veronica Faith Henry Roadside, 41, of West Caln Township, was arrested by Miami-Dade police. The child was expected to return to Pennsylvania today.

Cpl. Bill La Torre of the Pennsylvania State Police told CNN's Nancy Grace last night that the mother and daughter had been traced to Houston, Louisiana and finally Florida through cell phone records since they went missing April 11. Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll said the mother had withdrawn more than $11,000 from various accounts before her disappearance.

Police last week said Veronica Roadside left her home with her daughter after telling her husband, Robert P. Roadside Jr., that she was going to visit relatives in Newtown Square. Alexis' long brown hair was cut short and dyed black before she left Chester County, police said.

Robert Roadside's parents, who live in Mount Laurel, have custody of Alexis. Neither Robert nor Veronica Roadside is permitted to have unsupervised visits with the child, court records say. Police said that the couple had recently reconciled. - Inquirer staff