A beacon of hope

Through an extraordinary alchemic transformation,

Paris Hilton

's life has been given meaning - a real, positive, healthy, worthy purpose. That'd be through artist

Daniel Edwards

' "Campaign to Rescue Women of Youth," featuring

The Paris Hilton Autopsy

, a life-size clay sculpture of Paris' "naked corpse" (naked except for a tiara on her head, with dog


, also wearing a tiara, at her side and a BlackBerry clutched in her hand). The work will be on display at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn, N.Y., from May 12 to 20.

So how is this meaningful?

Gallery director David Kesting says the piece counters "the disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood's 'girls gone wild.' " The installation is meant to be an interactive public-service announcement warning kids about drunken driving.

The Paris corpse will be displayed on a coroner's table with its abdominal cavity open, the anatomically correct, removable innards in full view (ick factor). It'll be surrounded by information and literature about drunken driving (illumination). The tableau is also meant to evoke Miss USA's recent bout with alcohol abuse, Princess Diana's death caused by a drunk driver, and myriad other bold-facers' dealings with booze. (The real-life Paris was charged with DUI last year.)

Info: www.parishiltonautopsy.com.

A daughter opens up

Pop sensation and



Olivia Newton-John

has disclosed that her 21-year-old daughter,

Chloe Rose Lattanzi

, has battled anorexia.

Olivia says she felt helpless watching her girl suffer. "You can't make your child eat if she doesn't want to," she says. But she took things in stride, thinking: "This was like growing pains. It was some kind of thing she needed to go through, and she would recover."

For Chloe, recovery came only after she felt she had "hit rock bottom, but not in the sense of losing my life, but in the sense of I really don't want to feel this anymore."

"And that's why I made the decision to heal," she says, adding that healing is a process that never really ends.

He'll have to make do

Looks like

Heather Mills

' decision to leave

Paul McCartney

came at a most opportune time: The former Beatle is no longer No. 1 on the Sunday Times' Rich List of Music Millionaires.

Fact, Sir Paul's paltry fortune of $1.4 billion has slid to third place. The London paper says the ranking took into account Sir Paul's pending divorce from Mills, which will cost him $200 mil.

With $2.4 billion in his pockets, former record-label boss Clive Calder, whose acts included Britney Spears and 'N Sync, is the richest music man. Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has amassed $1.5 billion, is No. 2.

Been there, done that

Looks like the slim, cool-as-a-zephyr

Nicole Kidman

will get in touch with her inner voluptuousness and her hot zaftig seductressness playing the

Marilyn Monroe

role in a remake of 1953's

How to Marry a Millionaire

, which the


star will also produce.

But will she really go Marilyn? Nope.

A studio rep tells the Hollywood Reporter the story will be completely overhauled because "the original Millionaire was about a girl who was, frankly, kind of fat," while "Nicole is thin and perfect."

Fat? Marilyn fat?

And we wonder why eating disorders are so prevalent.

Tennis, anyone?

The New York Daily News suggests tennis champ and activist

Billie Jean King

, who did a guest turn on an episode of

Law & Order

scheduled to air last week, would be more than pleased to be offered

Rosie O'Donnell

's spot on

The View

. Asked whether she'd be up for guest-hosting the show, King went all the way: "Who said guest? Why not? You think I'm just in sports, right? Wrong, baby. I'm an activist!"

Marc's job satisfaction

"I pick out all her dresses, for the most part," says stylish salsa songman

Marc Anthony

about his secret job as red-carpet goddess

Jennifer Lopez

's very own personal dresser. A guest of the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood 2007 bash on Thursday, which honored J.Lo as style icon of the year, Marc says he's a perfect fashion consultant: "I'm the

Simon Cowell

of my household - really honest."