If Shelley Kanther's allegations against CBS Radio Philadelphia are true, its Market Street office has a few Don Draper wannabes who've seen one too many episodes of "Mad Men."

You think redheads are "fiery" in bed? That doesn't give you the right to slap one on the butt and ask if red's her "natural" hair color.

You "got a blowjob" on a trip out West? Congratulations. Close the office door before telling your buddy all about it.

Publicly guessing the bra sizes of co-workers is generally frowned upon these days. Grabbing their hair in the office and calling them "baby" is an even worse idea.

These are among the seemingly obvious workplace lessons taught in a civil-rights lawsuit filed by Kanther, the former director of marketing communications for KYW Newsradio 1060, which is owned by CBS Radio.

Kanther, 36, who is married, is suing CBS Radio in federal court for allegedly subjecting her to "severe and pervasive" sexual harassment and discrimination, and then firing her for speaking up.

"It was egregious what happened. It was terrible," said Kanther's attorney, Samuel First.

Kanther's suit, which seeks unspecified damages, describes a "toxic" work environment where male employees told her to wear skirts more often, swatted at her butt and considered offering her money to make out with another worker.

The suit calls Marc Rayfield, CBS Radio Philadelphia's senior vice president and market manager, "one of the worst offenders." It claims Rayfield eventually fired Kanther in retaliation for her complaints about the harassment, saying she "couldn't take it."

"Of course she couldn't take it," First said. "It was a good ol' boys club."

During a sales retreat in Atlantic City last year, the suit alleges, Rayfield talked about wanting to kiss Kanther, then sang "Stay with Me Tonight" during a karaoke session while "suggestively dancing in front of her, uncomfortably close."

Rayfield also let a few nearby employees know that he "got a blowjob" by discussing his traveling sexcapades in a loud voice with his office door open, Kanther claims.

"It wasn't a pleasant situation, that's for sure," said Kanther, of Lawnside, N.J.

The suit singles out David Yadgaroff, vice president and general sales manager for KYW Newsradio 1060, for allegedly failing to take action when Kanther complained about the mistreatment.

Calls to the local CBS Radio office were referred to Karen Mateo, spokeswoman for CBS Radio in New York. Mateo declined to comment on the suit.