Steak-umm, a national brand of thinly-sliced frozen steak, has lost its trademark infringement fight against local restaurant chain Steak 'Em Up in a David and Goliath battle of the steak world that's played out over the last three years in federal court.

In 2009, Steak-umm filed the suit against Michael Lane, owner of Steak 'Em Up, which has locations in South Philly, Old City, Collingdale and Ridley Park. Steak-umm claimed that the name of Lane's store was trying to capitalize off Steak-umm's national brand and that it would confuse consumers.

Lane, a South Philly native, vowed to fight the suit. He said the name of his local chain was inspired by South Philly's "gangster culture" and not by the frozen sandwich steak company.

On April 11, federal Judge Lawrence Stengel ruled in favor of Lane, but denied his request to have Steak-umm pay for his legal costs.

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