Six Philadelphians have been charged with insurance fraud and related offenses in connection with injuries they said they received while riding a Route 56 bus in 2010, authorities said.

The night of the alleged bus accident, Thanksgiving 2010, a woman tripped and fell while walking to the rear of the bus as it pulled up to the Wakeling Street stop on Torresdale Avenue, SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams said. In the following weeks, the woman filed an injury claim, as did six other people: Clarence Wright Jr., 62; Joseph Anderson, 59; Jeanette Sommerville, 56; Donnell Green, 47; Bernard Robinson, 62; and Rubin Lindsay, 52.

Authorities determined that of the six, only Wright was on the bus at the time, and that he was uninjured, Williams said. All six were arrested last week. - Sam Wood