Murder charges were filed Monday against three suspects in a West Pottsgrove home-invasion case earlier this month, when Kareem Ali Borowy, 19, was removed from his home and shot to death.

Andre Collier, 25, Rasheed Teel, 21, and Charles Freeman, 31, are being charged in the crime, according to a news release from Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman. Collier has not been apprehended. The release says he should be considered armed and dangerous.

A fourth suspect has not yet been identified, the release said.

The incident occurred May 5 at 2:02 p.m., the release says, when police responded to a home invasion at 1255 Manatawny Street, in West Pottsgrove. Two people in the home, who had been bound with packing tape and held there by the suspects, were able to free themselves and call police, the release says.

Borowy, who was also bound, was taken out of the house after the suspects demanded money from him, according to the release.

About 20 minutes later, the release says, Borowy was found dead along the side of the 2000 block of Sanatoga Station Road, a few miles away.

The release says that Freeman drove to and from the house. According to court records, he has faced drug charges in the past.

Records also show that Teel was charged with providing unsworn falsification to authorities 10 days before he was charged with murder, and that Borowy was charged with a variety of drug offenses in March 2013.

Anyone with information about the case or Collier's location is asked to call the West Pottsgrove Police Department at 610-323-2090, Lower Pottsgrove Police Department at 610-326-1508, or Montgomery County Detective Bureau 610-278-3368.