It was supposed to be an ordinary community meeting Thursday night, scheduled earlier to discuss law enforcement issues with Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and District Attorney Seth Williams.

Instead, the assembly at Lawncrest Rec Center descended into chaos as several dozen protesters - upset about Williams' decision not to charge two city officers in the death of Brandon Tate-Brown during a December traffic stop - clashed with police, resulting in numerous arrests but no reported injuries.

As Ramsey addressed the meeting, the protesters gathered in the back erupted in chants of "No justice, no peace, no racist police" and "Who killed Brandon Tate-Brown?"

The protesters, who appeared intent on being arrested, approached the table where Ramsey and Williams sat and shouted in their faces.

As police officers tried to prevent them from pressing further, the protesters started shoving the police; some people tumbled to the floor, and folding chairs were sent sliding across the auditorium.

Eventually 10 people were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, police said. The rest of the protesters were forced to leave, and the meeting resumed.

Ramsey said the behavior of the protesters was proof that the department still needs to withhold the names of the two officers cleared by the district attorney.

As for the protesters, Ramsey said, "They got their little moment on TV."