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Woman testifies to sexual attack in Center City rail station

Defendant Reginald Green was held for trial on rape, aggravated assault, robbery and related charges.

Reginald Green (left) is accused in an assault at SEPTA's Jefferson Station. (Photos from Philadelphia police and Steven M. Falk/Staff)
Reginald Green (left) is accused in an assault at SEPTA's Jefferson Station. (Photos from Philadelphia police and Steven M. Falk/Staff)Read more

RIGHT AFTER a 27-year-old woman took the witness stand yesterday, she pointed to a man she contends bashed her head and sexually attacked her near a Center City regional rail platform, and said: "He's disgusting. He's disgusting."

Weeping and emotionally distressed, she testified at the preliminary hearing of Reginald Green that she met the defendant, whom she did not know, at Broad and Arch streets on Feb. 9, when she was crying about something that happened to a friend. He approached her, and she asked him for directions so she could get to her home in another part of the city.

Green, 26, took her to Jefferson Station, near 10th and Filbert streets. From the regional rail platform, he took her behind a gate and down some stairs to a secluded, dark area, she said, as Assistant District Attorney Brandon Jaycox showed her photos of the non-public area.

Green was rolling a "K2" blunt (synthetic marijuana) and put his arm around her, she said. The woman said she then told him she had to leave.

"That's when he started punching me and bashing my face into the wall and the concrete," she testified. He began to unbuckle her jeans and put his hand down her pants, she said.

"He said to me, 'You ain't going nowhere until you give me some,' " she said. "I said, 'Please don't do this to me.' "

She said he was pulling on her hair and also covering her mouth so she couldn't scream.

He pushed her down to the ground on to her stomach, bashed her face and kicked her in her side, she said. Looking behind her, she said, she saw his penis out, with his zipper undone.

"I tried to put my finger in his eye," to fight him off, she said. "He grabbed me by the hair and bashed me into the ground."

Some time later, she said, she woke up after being unconscious and discovered that her thong underwear had been ripped off of her and her pants were down. She felt "really sore and hurt" as if she "had rough sex," she said.

Prosecutors contend Green raped the woman.

The woman said she left the area and SEPTA workers who saw her bloody face said she looked like a "homicide." She was treated at Jefferson University Hospital, where she said she was unconscious for 11 1/2 hours.

When Jaycox showed her photos of herself in the hospital, where she lay with her eyes closed, her right eye swollen shut, her face bruised, bloody and dirty with soot, and her neck in a brace, the woman screamed, "Oh, my God!" She held up one photo in Green's direction. "Do you see what you did to me? It's not a joke," she said, crying.

She said Green stole her Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone and her Beats by Dre headphones.

After the woman finished testifying, Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni bent down and hugged her, telling her "You're all right."

The judge held Green, of Southwest Philly for trial on all charges, including rape, aggravated assault, robbery and related offenses. He is jailed awaiting trial.