DEAR HARRY: I guess I'm the kid everyone knows who came from the hood, never got into any real trouble, tried hard to get a good education, but couldn't get into college. I'm a two-time loser, because neither my grades nor my entrance exams were good enough. The result was that I let myself get swindled into a deal with a so-called for-profit college. They showed me all kinds of numbers, pictures, testimonials and beautiful facilities together with a generous loan program that looked like one step below heaven . . . no repayments until I got my first job. Almost nothing turned out to be what they said. It was a two-year program that lasted only 2 1/2 semesters. Then all hell broke loose. The school went bust. I had no certificate and damn little education. There were no jobs in my field. I was lucky to get an entry-level job (but not what I was preparing for) a few weeks after the doors closed. Then it hit. The government started to press me to pay back the loans. I hardly have enough to make ends meet now, so how will I do this? A friend in much the same position told them he was not going to pay one dime for a nothing education, and he invited me to join a group of protesters. Should I join?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: As long as this is a peaceful group, I see every reason to join and push Congress to allow people hurt by phony colleges to get relief. Good luck!

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