The man known as Philly Jesus has launched an Internet fund-raising campaign seeking to raise $70 million to expand, perhaps even make global, his LOVE Park-centered street ministry.

Mike Grant, as Philly Jesus is otherwise known, wrote on his GoFundMe page, launched Nov. 9, that he needed the millions to further his ministry. To do that, he highlighted many anticipated expenses, including:

"A building/stadium for the Philly Jesus Ministry."

"A helicopter/jet for the Philly Jesus Ministry to transport the ministry from and to future speaking engagements across the WORLD to share my testimony how JESUS saved me from the dark hole of addiction and despair . . . and to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature in existence."

He also needs cash for mundane things such as business cards, laptops, and video cameras.

As of Sunday, he had raised $92.

One of his donors was Marie Conté, 29, of Atlanta.

Conté, who gave $10, said she runs a foundation dedicated to spreading the Gospel to girls who have experienced homelessness or abuse.

"I know that it takes funding to do these things," she said.

She said she "really connected" to Grant's life story of overcoming addiction and spreading his Christian message. And it didn't matter what fund-raising goal he set, she would have contributed.

But, she added, "the bigger the dream, the bigger the accomplishments."

Grant could not be reached for comment. 215-854-5983 @RobertMoran215