Two people involved in dealing fake heroin that ended up in the hands of a Bucks County teenager who died of a drug overdose were sentenced to jail terms Friday.Francisco Cintron, 32, formerly of Philadelphia, was given 12 1/2 to 25 years in prison for delivering drugs that resulted in the March 2014 death of 19-year-old Ryan Nocero, said the Bucks County District Attorney's Office.

Cintron sold Fentanyl, a strong pain reliever, to an associate who then delivered it to Nocero. It was labeled as "Bad News" heroin.

The associate, Cindy Brower, 39, of Doylestown, was sentenced to 2 1/2 years and a consecutive 10 years of probation, Deputy District Attorney Daniel Sweeney said.

"It's the first time I'm aware of we've been able to work up the chain and not just charge the person who directly delivered," Sweeney said.

Cintron had a previous drug conviction in Montgomery County. Authorities believe he began drug trafficking in Bucks County after his parole ended in November 2013.

Nocero, of Buckingham and Warrington, overdosed on the drug he believed to be heroin. He was found unresponsive by his father and later died.

"It is very scary because it happens all the time," Sweeney said. "Obviously there's no quality control when you're buying a street drug."

- Justine McDaniel