Taxi drivers staged another demonstration in Center City on Thursday, protesting the presence of the Uber and Lyft car services in Philadelphia.

Using their cars and bodies, drivers blocked traffic at 15th and Market Streets on the west side of City Hall.

The protest brought cars to a standstill for more than an hour. Authorities were trying to get traffic moving again mid-afternoon.

Some drivers staged a sit-in in middle of the intersection in an apparent attempt to get arrested, though police said no one had been taken into custody.

Police used a tow truck to move a black SUV with anti-Uber slogans written on it in yellow.

The taxi drivers were demanding that officials stop UberX and Lyft from working in the city, saying the influx of new drivers is taking work away from them.

Uber, in a statement Thursday, said competition is good for the city and its residents.

"Philadelphia has shown tremendous demand for more affordable options like uberX, and the Mayor as well as the City Council have expressed their support for ridesharing," the company wrote.

SEPTA was reporting delays on bus routes that run through Center City due to the protest.

The protest coincided with a City Council meeting at City Hall.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates car passenger service in the city, has not authorized UberX and Lyft to operate here.

Taxi and limousine drivers staged a similar traffic-stopping protest around City Hall on Dec. 17.