A South Philadelphia woman has been found guilty of animal cruelty for failing to get veterinary care for her cat, which was suffering from chemical burns and was near death, the Pennsylvania SPCA said Friday.

Shivone Williams, 28, of the 1500 block of South Etting Street, was sentenced Thursday to pay a $500 fine and was prohibited from owning animals for 90 days.

On June 17, the PSPCA was notified that the cat had been dumped at the front steps of a veterinary clinic in Grays Ferry a day earlier, said PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher.

The cat was covered with a "thick, sticky, gooey substance and was suffering from chemical burns as well as dehydration and emaciation," Kocher said.

When the clinic contacted the owner, she said the cat had gotten out of her house, and she did not want it back.

The cat, renamed Lumpy, has since recovered and was available for adoption through PAWS at www.phillypaws.org.

"It has been incredible to watch Lumpy's transformation in the 10 weeks since we found him," said Melissa Levy, executive director of PAWS.

"Even being near death couldn't stop his affectionate and playful personality from shining through, and he quickly won our hearts," Levy said.

The PSPCA animal cruelty hotline is 866-601-SPCA.

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