The controversial sign at Geno's Steaks requesting that customers order in English has been quietly removed.

An employee answering the phone at the popular eating destination in South Philadelphia on Wednesday night confirmed a report by online news outlet Billy Penn that the sign had been taken down.

The employee, who did not want to discuss the matter, referred a reporter to a publicist, who was not immediately available for comment.

The sign, which read "This is America. When ordering, speak English," was placed in the ordering window in 2006 by owner Joey Vento.

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations in 2009 ruled against a complaint that the sign was discriminatory.

Vento, who died in 2011, argued that his sign was a political statement and complained about the commission's investigation, but he also welcomed the notoriety.

"They made me famous throughout the world," Vento said after the commission's decision. "I'm way ahead of the game. I became a hero. I've got to thank them for that."

Geno's got renewed attention last month when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dropped by to order some steaks for his campaign team.

The business is now owned by Vento's son, Geno.