BELLEFONTE, Pa. - A 60-year-old man who admitted to dumping the body of a Philadelphia woman - his houseguest - along the side of a road on Valentine's Day after she overdosed inside his home has was sentenced Tuesday to probation.

Robert Moir, who in August pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse, was sentenced to two years' probation, the Centre County District Attorney's Office said. Moir told police that he found 35-year-old Corinne Pena dead on his bathroom floor, and a needle and spoon nearby, late on Feb. 13.

Moir declined to speak in court Tuesday, according to the Centre County Daily Times.

Moir wrapped the body in a sheet, loaded it into his Mercedes-Benz, and dumped it along the side of Plainfield Road in Ferguson Township early the next morning. He told police he thought it would be quickly found and would not decompose because of low temperatures.

Pena, who was wearing just gray sweatpants and a thermal shirt when she was found, remained unidentified for a few days. Investigators released several photos of her distinctive tattoos and a wedding band, which helped them identify her. Pena married a woman from Lancaster last May, according to her Facebook page.

- Wire and staff reports