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Alycia Lane profile

  1. Star Sign: Taurus -- 100%!!!

  2. Year Hired: 2003

  3. Dream Interview: Living or Dead: Dr. Condoleezza Rice; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. First TV appearance: 1997 KSNT-TV Topeka, Kansas -- Washington D.C. Correspondent

  5. First Story: Marriage Tax Proposal in Congress

  6. Why I am a journalist: To make a difference in people's every day lives by educating them on the big and small stories that affect us all -- both locally and globally.

  7. Hidden Talent: Sketching and interior decorating

  8. Hometown: Lake Grove, New York (Long Island)

  9. Height: 5'5 1/2"

  10. Number of siblings: 3 (two older brothers and a younger sister)

  11. Number of pets: 2 dogs

  12. Favorite sports team: I'm a Philly girl now -- The Eagles of course!!!

  13. Favorite author: All three Bronte' sisters

  14. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere my entire family is.

  15. Most memorable interview: Dennis Williams - released from Death Row after nearly 20 years. Originally convicted as part of Ford Heights Four case in Chicago.

  16. Favorite Program: Late Show with David Letterman

  17. Role model: Diane Sawyer, Judy Woodruff

  18. Dream Job: Professional figure skater

  19. Alma Mater: State University of New York at Albany (Undergrad); Medill/Northwestern University (Masters)

  20. Birthday: May 10

  21. Hobbies: writing, decorating, drawing, and fitness

  22. Favorite food: Latin Fare and Sushi