Before you walk out the door this morning, you better make sure you're wrapped tighter than a Gloucester, Mass., fisherman as the rain will becoming down sideways at times.

Umbrellas will be useless. They will become flying projectiles — or, if you're lucky, simply ripped inside out.

Oh, and if you decided not to take the holiday ornaments indoors, Santa could become a human missile, known in the meteorological biz as a UFS (unidentified flying Santa).

This nor'easter's main impact will be heavy windswept rain with one to three inches across the entire region. Street flooding will be widespread and we continue to watch for a pretty good chance of stream and river flooding.

The shore locations will take this on the chin as the combination of two to four inches of rain along with a steady diet of strong wind blowing in from the northeast will cause significant beach erosion and moderate tidal flooding maxing out during the Tuesday evening high tides.

Many roads will become impassable along many sections of the Jersey shore, with back bays remaining flooded throughout Tuesday.

Wind gusts could exceed 50 miles per hour along the shore, especially during the afternoon.

A coastal flood warning is in effect for Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland Counties at the Shore and on Delaware Bay and the rest of the region is under a flood watch.

The frozen aspect of this storm will be mainly confined to the Poconos. But even there, a changeover to all rain will take place Tuesday before changing back to all snow late in the evening and through Wednesday.

A final tally of snow could reach five to 10 inches on top of some crunchy ice.

Power outages in Northeast Pennsylvania will become common as the combination of accumulating snow and ice on trees and power lines along with strong gusty winds will take over on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The city and most of its surrounding suburbs will be dealing with flooded streets, maneuvering around huge puddles, and getting slapped around by wind-driven cold rain.

Most will see a changeover to some periods of wet snow by late Tuesday night or first thing on Wednesday. This could lead to a light accumulation across the northern and western suburbs. The city itself might pick up a coating across grassy surfaces early Wednesday.

On Thursday, the storm system might still spit out some rain and or wet snow showers. But hang in there. Much better weather news is expected as we move into the weekend.