First, let me give you the all-important Christmas forecast, followed by my own top-10 list — since everyone else seems to be giving them this time of year.

For tonight, Christmas Eve, expect a windy and mild night with heavy rain at times and even a possible thunderstorm. Temperatures will soar to 60 degrees — so no winter wonderland scenes this year.

For Christmas Day, expect an early-morning rain. It will get very windy and very mild, with another unseasonably warm day. Temperatures should reach about 55 degrees.

The good news is that we'll see clearing for the weekend with temperatures still in the mid-50s on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, we'll see a high of about 45 and a low of just about the freezing mark.

Looking forward, though, frigid air could return for New Year's Eve. I'll have another forecast next week as the end of the year gets closer.

And I'd like to finish my second-to-last outlook of the year by thanking all of you readers for your undeniable support of my forecasts and giving me your trust.

As a parting gift to 2014, here is my not-so-serious top-10 list of fun facts about yours truly:

10. Complete weather geek.

9. Intense storms turn me on!

8. Despise the hype!

7. Inflicted with bad case of taxicab phobia.

6. Have Philadelphia Flyers tattoo on my butt.

5. Suspended for having said Flyers tattoo on my butt. (It was done in a local radio station during Flyers news director at the time was listening.)

4. Buried my dad in a CBS-TV shirt.

3. Landed my first television news contract four years to the day he passed. It was for CBS-TV news in New York City.

2. Have absolutely no desire to get back on local television news.

1. Lying about No. 2.