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Bolaris: 'Perfect storm' coming for allergy sufferers

Typically, allergy seasons are distinct and separated. But that may not be the case this year, and allergy sufferers could pay the price.

Usually, warm, wet winters result in earlier and longer allergy seasons as the bloom starts early leading to a longer allergy season.

This winter has been one of prolonged cold and, needless to say, very stormy with heavy precipitation amounts. So experts on pollen are predicting this allergy season will be worse than normal.

ABC News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton believes the same, that instead of a gradual bloom, it will take place all at once, setting up "The Perfect Storm" for allergy sufferers. At least she didn't say the pollen storm of the century.

In fact, reports there is already evidence to suggest that allergy season, which typically rolls out over weeks and months, is happening all at once with spring's delayed start.

The days that we suffer the most are windy, dry days as the pollen gets transported through the air and the dryness of the atmosphere allows for a widespread pollen attack.

On rainy days such as we just had on Tuesday pollen levels go down as your comfort level of breathing goes up.

By this weekend, however, pollen levels will skyrocket and Ashton's "Perfect Storm" of pollen will be in full bloom. Polar vortex or Pollen vortex, do we really have a choice? God bless you!!

John Bolaris