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Five key facts from Philadelphia's 2014 Census figures

New figures from the Census Bureau released Thursday show another year of growth for Philadelphia's population. Here are five key things to know about the new data:

1. The population: Philadelphia's population stood at 1,560,297 people as of July 1, 2014.

2. The growth: Philadelphia's population grew by 0.27 percent in 2014, with the city adding 4,245 new residents, but the rate of growth slowed for the second-straight year. (For comparison, in 2011 and 2012, Philadelphia's population grew by nearly three-quarters of a percent each year, adding more than 21,000 new residents during that time.)

3. Births and deaths: The number of births in Philadelphia declined by 0.37 percent to 23,145 in 2014, while the number of deaths rose 1.75 percent to 14,868, for a natural population increase of 8,277 residents -- the smallest such increase in recent years.

4. Moving in (and out): More people are moving out of the city than moving in: The city had an increase in immigrants from other countries, but people who left Philadelphia for other places in the United States led to a net migration decline of 4,128 residents.

5. The suburbs: Burlington and Camden counties lost residents, while Gloucester, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery gained residents last year. Chester had the largest growth, at 0.64 percent, marking an increase of 3,284 residents.