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Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz: Rain on way for Philly, expect commute problems tomorrow

The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team has issued a "first alert" for Tuesday and Wednesday. Here's why:

1. Many hours of rain-affecting multiple rush hours
2. The first rain following a dry spell results in more accidents
3. Wet leaves make roads even more slippery

We're not expecting widespread flooding, or anything close to it. But travel problems due to weather are often the reasons we issue first alerts.  We issue first alerts to let you know, as far ahead as possible, that significant weather-related problems are coming. It can be for later the same day, the next day, or even several days ahead. It's to give you a "heads up".


Parts of our area are in a moderate drought-others in a severe drought. So we need the rain. But as indicated above, the rain is likely to cause problems-hence, the irony.

Irony is defined as (among other things): "Something that has a different or opposite result from what is expected." (Cambridge dictionary).

Here's an appropriate example of irony from
It's a poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", by Samuel Coleridge:

"Water, water, everywhere

And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

So, we warn people about all the rain we're going to get and the problems it will cause, but…&hellip. It's really a good thing


It will not rain continuously from Tuesday morning through Wednesday night, but there will be a LOT of hours of rain during that period. There should be a lull later Tuesday night into early Wednesday. Radar already shows two separate systems, unusually close to each other.

(Or use our interactive weather app. Widen image to show the 2 areas)

Here's how the NAM model looks for 11am Tuesday:

The second system should move in late Wednesday, perhaps for the P.M. rush and into the evening. That's when thunderstorms with downpours are possible.


November has been rather mild, and it's going to end unseasonably mild. Warm air will surge up from the south both Tuesday and Wednesday, with temperatures reaching the 60s both days. In fact, some parts of our area could hit 70 degrees Wednesday (the average high for this time of year is only 52).

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz
NBC10 Philadelphia