A man, with a stray cat and her newly minted litter of kittens living under his backyard shed, walked into the fire station at 4th and Snyder streets in South Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon with a problem.

Overnight, one of the kittens must have crawled between the shed and the concrete wall separating his yard from his neighbor's yard. And it got stuck.

The captain of Ladder 27 directed the man to the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.

"He could hear it crying, but he couldn't get to it," Red Paw spokeswoman Jen Leary said. "The space between the wall and the shed, I don't know how this kitten got in there to begin with, it was so small you couldn't get your hand in there, you could only get fingers in there."

While Red Paw typically deals with emergencies, the man pleaded for help.

Leary and two responders went to the scene, and with the help of the fire department they were able to push the shed out just enough to free the kitten.

"You can see in the video," Leary said. "He slips right down, and crawls right off."