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NYE storm? Not so fast, Bolaris says

It's early yet, but I have been hearing some chatter about a Big Storm for New Year's Eve into the Mummers parade. When people ask me about this, I just say, I really don't see it as it stands now.

With the wave of Internet blogging any such talk spreads rapidly. This kind of irresponsible throwing-a-dart forecasting, based on a couple runs of a particular computer model, really should be kept in house unless all models are consistently hinting strongly that it's a possibility. But this early it would still be a crapshoot.

Such forecasts rattle business owners, restaurants and people making travel plans, not to mention the possible economic impact that a big storm during New Year's Eve would have on the region.

The scoop

I've been watching 24/7 computer runs and I just DO NOT see any big storm helping us ring in the New Year, or for the Mummers Day Parade.

Here is what I'm looking at as we head toward the New Year.

This Sunday - Windy, very mild with rain possible later in afternoon, including the Eagles game. Wind a factor. Temperature, 60.

Dec 26-27 - Some hinting of coastal development off mid-Atlantic coast, but even if this comes to fruition it would lean toward rain, and not be a major storm.

New Year's Eve: Arctic front moves through, and at this time NOT seeing any major storms. Very cold and dry with nighttime temperatures in the 20s.

Mummers Parade: Dry and cold, 30s.

Keep in mind, it's still early for detailed forecasts and always subject to change this early, but as of now, we are looking good.

Keep you posted.

John Bolaris