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Powerball jackpot up to $350 million

It's the seventh biggest jackpot in U.S. history

File photo: The current Powerball jackpot has been rising since early April 2013.
File photo: The current Powerball jackpot has been rising since early April 2013.Read more

The Powerball jackpot rose to a whopping $350 million last night, when no one matched all the numbers drawn: 6, 13, 19, 23 and 43, with a Powerball of 16.

That's the third biggest Powerball prize ever, the seventh biggest annuity prize in U.S. history, and the sixth largest cash payout -- $222.8 million -- of all-time.

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Thirteen millionaires were minted, though, in nine states: two each in Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Michigan, one apiece in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Louisiana and Arizona. Those tickets won $1 million each for matching the first five numbers but not the Powerball.

California also sold three such tickets but they won $573,694 apiece under that state's pari-mutuel system.

No tickets won $2 million, the prize for matching five while having the Power Play prize-boosting option.

Powerball's next drawing is Wednesday night.

The biggest lottery prize ever was the $656 million annuity for March 30, 2012, Mega Millions drawing. Three winning tickets, sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas, split the cash payout of $471 million.

Powerball set its record Nov. 28 last year, when it reached $587.5 million, with $384.7 million cash. Two tickets, sold in Missouri and Arizona, split the cash.

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Big Mega Millions jackpot, too. The current jackpot isn't too shabby either. On Friday night, when no one hit all the numbers -- 1, 19, 20, 39 and 49, with a Mega Ball of 28 -- the jackpot rose to $170 million for the annuity, $126 million for the cash. The next drawing is Tuesday. More:

The chances of winning either game is very small -- 1 in about 175 million with a single ticket.