Hours after a South Philadelphia resident voiced concerns over a Confederate-flag themed sticker, visible on the displayed motorcycle built for the legendary Geno's Steaks founder, the sticker was removed.

The neon-orange Harley Davidson made for Joey Vento, the late proprietor of the legendary steak shop and who had the rebel flag tatooed on his forearm, was enshrined in a display window across the street from the popular eatery. The motorcycle beared a Confederate flag decal and the words "Ain't Scared" on its battery cover.

Phil Dahl contacted Philly.com Monday afternoon about the motorcycle in the wake of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting, in which a white gunman targeted and killed nine African-American parishioners at a prominent church. Dahl said that while the decal could easily be missed by the occasional tourist, it is what the flag represents — a government that fought to preserve the institution of slavery — that couldn't be ignored.

"I've walked passed this monstrosity for four years now, and I just can't believe no one has said anything about it," said Dahl. "Maybe that says something about our own perceptions and blind spots to these sorts of things."