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Jon Bon Jovi, President Bush appear on ‘Idol’

For fans of Jon Bon Jovi, his mentoring stint had to be the highlight of last night's American Idol.

For fans of Jon Bon Jovi, his mentoring stint had to be the highlight of last night's

American Idol


But, for others, two surreal sequences may have upstaged the Jersey rock star and owner of the Philadelphia Soul arena football team, who'll perform on tonight's results show:

Simon Cowell, the blunt Brit judge, actually kissed a contestant on the lips.

And President Bush appeared with First Wife Laura, in a video op that prompted today's Washington Post to wonder if he's "completely clueless and thinks an Idol appearance might boost his approval ratings."

The Cowell kiss came after an intense performance by LaKisha of "This Ain't a Love Song."

He said that was so good, he could kiss her, and she motioned him to bring it on.

Officially, Bush's appearance was to thank the show and its viewers for raising $70 million to help children here and in Africa.

The Bushes ended, however, with the following folksy exchange:

George: "Say, Laura, you think I ought to sing something?

Laura: "I don't know, darling - they've already seen you dance."

The show's six remaining contestants all performed Bon Jovi songs, as he gave the usual advice about singing with sincerity and personality.

The riskiest performance was by Blake Lewis, who sported dark-dyed hair and beat-boxed on You Give Love a Bad Name. Bon Jovi, wearing a "Philly Soul" T-shirt, seemed skeptical it was going to work, but the judges heaped praise.

Bon Jovi might also have felt chagrined when 17-year-old Jordin Sparks gushed that her mom is just the biggest Bon Jovi fan.

Tonight, two of the finalists will get kicked of the I-land, because last week's big results "shocker" was that it'd be heartless to winnow the tribe during a special charity show.

The voting totals from both weeks will decide who'll make the final four.