For the ninth drawing in a row, no one won the grand prize in the Mega Millions lottery, propelling the jackpot over $100 million for the first time in a month.

The numbers drawn last night were: 16, 24, 41, 43 and 54, with a Mega Ball of 36.

No ticket had them all, so Friday's jackpot will be worth $112 million if taken in yearly payments - or $66.1 million in cash.

Mega Millions tickets are sold in New Jersey, Maryland and 10 other states.

Tonight's Powerball drawing - tickets are sold in Pennsylvania, Delaware and two dozen other states - is worth $25 million in installments, $11.7 million cash.

One Mega Millions ticket sold in New Jersey, though, did nab $250,000 for having the first five numbers but not the Mega Ball. Four tickets in other states - California, Massachusetts, Ohio and Washington - also won that amount.

The last time Mega Millions topped $100 million was April 6, when a ticket sold in Queens, New York, hit a $105 million jackpot.

In March, Mega Millions set a North American record with a grand prize of $390 million. After more than a week of heated speculation, Cape May County couple Elaine and Harold Messner came forward to claim their half of the prize.

Powerball's last $100 million-plus pot - $182.7 million - was awarded March 17 to Daniel Gannon of Oregon.

Powerball is played in more than twice as many states as Mega Millions, but Mega Millions jackpots grow just as fast because its dozen states including population heavyweights New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.

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