Mayor-elect Michael Nutter has named Camille Cates Barnett, a professional city manager from Washington, D.C., as Philadelphia's next managing director.

Barnett's 20-plus-year career includes stops in Houston, Dallas and Austin, among other cities, capped by a stint as chief management officer of Washington.

Currently, Barnett is chief consulting officer with Public Financial Management, a government financial advisory firm, where she advised New Orleans on its financial recovery.

Barnett has never lived in Philadelphia and will have to come up to speed quickly given her new post – in essence, Philadelphia's chief operating officer – which requires intimate knowledge of the city government.

"Good management is good management, wherever you are," Nutter said, when asked about his selection's relative lack of familiarity with Philadelphia. "What we're looking for is excellence in management and service delivery. Those principles, those concepts, are universal."