The Owen J. Roberts Wildcat, the school mascot, teamed up with Villanova University's Wildcat to help celebrate High School Musical: The Ice Tour night at the Wachovia Center on Dec. 7, during the 76ers game against the Knicks.

The team mascot in the wildly popular Disney Channel High School Musical movies is a wildcat, prompting the invitation to both the 'Nova and Owen J. mascots to head to South Philly on Friday. Both mascots hung out with fans on the concourse level before the game, and helped the Sixers mascot Hip-Hop throw T-shirts and tickets to the ice show into the stands during the game. The ice tour comes will be at the Wachovia Center from Dec. 28 through Jan. 6.

The choice of a Sixers-Knicks game for the themed night was prompted by the lyrics of the song "Work This Out" in High School Musical, which includes the line "Get tickets to the Knicks and Sixers." Perhaps aided by the extra support from two more mascots, the Sixers ended a three-game losing streak, beating the Knicks 101-90.

Will Hobson