Garrett Reid will not receive parole until an acceptable treatment plan for his release is in place, a Montgomery County judge has ruled.

The son of Eagles coach Andy Reid is in jail because of two separate incidents. He is nearing the earliest possible date for parole on a set of charges from a January traffic incident, but has yet to resolve charges stemming from allegedly smuggling drugs into jail.

Senior Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo said there was no request for parole submitted to Judge Steven T. O'Neill. Rather, the judge acted because he presumed there would be a request to parole Reid, Costanza said. He is nearing his earliest possible parole date, said Costanza.

In the document filed yesterday, O'Neill said "parole is denied pending further application setting forth a parole plan acceptable to the court."

In November, Reid pleaded guilty in connection with the January incident and was sentenced to up to 23 months on those charges. At that time, Judge Steven T. O'Neill left open the possibility for Reid to be paroled into his drug-treatment court.

Reid has also been charged with smuggling prescription pills into the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in October.

If found guilty of the smuggling charges, Reid could face additional jail time of up to two years and it would jeopardize his chances for the drug-treatment court.