A second Burlington County man has been arrested and charged in the April 14 slaying of a Westampton gas station attendant, authorities said.

Jerome L. Faucette, 20, of Burlington Township, allegedly took part in the late-night armed robbery of a U.S. Gas station near Route 541 and Hancock Lane, prosecutors said.

Today's early morning arrest follows the capture of Terrance S. Clemons, 20, also of Burlington Township, who was apprehended Wednesday and charged with the murder of gas station attendant Abdur Rahman, 50.

According to county prosecutor Robert D. Bernardi, Faucette and Clemons planned the holdup in advance and drove to the isolated gas station.

Rahman, an immigrant who was sending money home to his wife and eight children in Bangladesh, was working the night shift when the two men arrived.

Clemons drew a handgun during the robbery and shot Rahman dead, Bernardi said.

A neighbor heard gunshots at 11:22 and called police.

The gunman and his accomplice fled and threw away the weapon, Bernardi said.

Authorities declined to comment on how the two men were captured.

Faucette and Clemons, who are being held on $750,000 cash bail, are both scheduled for first court appearance later this afternoon, Bernardi said.