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Philadelphia sports: Only 98 lost seasons

The rest of the country is poking fun at Philadelphia and our incredible 100-season losing streak.

The rest of the country is poking fun at Philadelphia and our incredible 100-season losing streak.

Wits are pointing out that the Flyers' demise on Sunday means Philly has gone 25 years (or 100 seasons) since the 76ers won the city's last pro sports championship in 1983.

Well you're wrong!

It's not 100 lost seasons - it's only 98.

In the interest of fairness to the beleagured local fans, we have to point out that there was no hockey championship in 2004, and no World Series champion in 1994. So there!

In Philadelphia, we get our satisfaction where we can.

Title towns. From Morning Report's research department, here are the other cities which have all four major league sports and the most recent season in which that town celebrated a champion.

Atlanta 1995 (Braves); Boston 2007 (Red Sox); Chicago 2005 (White Sox); Dallas 1999 (Stars); Denver 2001 (Avalanche); Detroit 2004 (Pistons); Miami 2003 (Marlins); Phoenix 2001 (Diamondbacks); Washington 1992 (Redskins).

Greater New York 2008 (Giants); San Francisco Bay Area 1995 (49ers); Twin Cities 1991 (Twins).

Mister Irrelevant. When Scott Dixon takes the green flag from the pole position on the inside of the front row in Sunday's Indy 500, Marty Roth will be far, far back in an all-too-familiar spot at the tail end of the lineup.

It's the second year in a row the Canadian driver has been the slowest qualifier and the fourth time in as many races he'll start 29th or worse in the 33-car grid. He's used to it.

But it's not all bad. Roth, a former motorcycle racer who owns his own car, will be joined on the 11th and final row by A.J. Foyt IV, grandson of the four-time winner, and former winner Buddy Lazier.

And, if it's any consolation, the last-place qualifier gets a $50,000 bonus from Firestone.

Incredible. In the category of "What were they thinking?" we bring you the latest saga from British soccer.

The Brits reverted to the bad old days recently when drunken Glasgow Rangers fans attacked police and went on the rampage after the UEFA Cup final in Manchester, won by a team from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Two English clubs - Manchester United and Chelsea - will face each other tomorrow in the final of the Champions League, Europe's most prestigious club championship.

In Moscow.

Talk about your bad timing.

Worse, more than 40,000 English fans are expected to make the trip and may face off against Russian security officers, known for taking a hard line on unruly soccer fans.

Most incredible of all, the game will start at 10:45 p.m. Moscow time, giving the hard-drinking English fans plenty of time to gear up for the festivities.

Totally amazing!