Rising gas prices hit riders of Philadelphia taxicabs today, hiking the cost of a typical ride by more than $1, according to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Just after midnight, fares went up in several ways.

The base fare - where the meter starts - remains the same at $2.70.

But now a new 50-cent fuel surcharge is immediately tacked on.

In addition, passengers will pay an extra 20 cents per mile - $2.30 instead of the previous $2.10 - and waiting time costs $22 per hour, up from $20 per hour.

It's not true, as has been reported, that extra passengers incur an additional $1 each for every trip, explained James R. Ney, director of the Parking Authority's taxicab and limosine division.

The $1 per extra passenger is added only to the flat rate for trips between the airport and Center City.

There's no such charge for children under 12.

The airport flat rate also went up today, to $28.50 from $26.25, he said.

The cost of a typical cab ride - about 2.5 miles - now costs about $10.37, including the surcharge, Ney said. Yesterday, the estimated cost was about $9.15.

Philadelphia's fares should remain about ninth highest for among major U.S. cities, because other cities also adding gas surcharges, he said.

Dallas was considering adding a $1.50 fee per ride, he said.

The authority oversees 1,600 medallion taxis and 110 partial rights cabs, whose territories are restricted.