In Morning Report's unending quest to bring readers up-to-date information on the state of sport worldwide, we take you to Tenero, Switzerland, where 32 nations are preparing for one of the world's great events - the European soccer championship.

Fans who have followed the nearly 50-year old event (originally known as the European Nations' Cup) are keenly aware of the tournament's true meaning.

It's really the Thirty Year's War, without guns.

The tradition continued yesterday when Poland coach Leo Beenhakker apologized after a Polish newspaper printed fake photographs of him holding the chopped-off heads of Germany's coach and captain.

The teams meet Sunday.

Beenhakker, who is Dutch, issued an apology to the German people on behalf of his team for an "awful thing" by "weird and dirty and sick people."

Under the doctored photograph, the Super Express tabloid had the caption: "Leo, give us their heads."

The paper said it was symbolic, adding that Poland's fans have been waiting too long for a win over Germany.

Poland has never beaten Germany in soccer.

Deja vu. Arlen Specter again has called for a full investigation of Spygate, the allegations of illegal taping lodged against the New England Patriots.

But the Pennsylvania Republican accompanied his latest call for an independent investigation with strong criticism of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

"The commissioner's investigation has been fatally flawed," said a statement Specter had read into the Congressional Record. "The lack of candor, the piecemeal disclosures, the changes in position on material matters, the failure to be proactive in seeking out other key witnesses, and responding only when unavoidable when evidence is thrust upon the NFL leads to the judgment that an impartial investigation is mandatory."

Who? Here are some facts from the history of golf's toughest tournament, by Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press.

The only player ever to win the U.S. Open three straight years was Scotsman Willie Anderson in 1903, 1904 and 1905. He also had won in 1901. Anderson, who moved to the United States as a teenager, died of epilepsy at age 31 in Chestnut Hill and is buried in Ivy Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

There have been six players who won consecutive Opens, most recently Curtis Strange in 1988 and 1989. Strange also is the only player ever to finish three consecutive Opens under par. Strangely, he never won again on the PGA Tour after his victory at Oak Hill in 1989.

The last player to win an Open with all four rounds in the 60s was Lee Janzen at Baltusrol in 1973 when he tied Jack Nicklaus' Open record of 272. (Tiger Woods also tied the record, in 2000, at Pebble Beach.)

Finally. The Phillies ended their best homestand in 13 years - not since 1995 had they gone 8-2 in a 10-gamer - with a 36-26 record.

In baseball's calendar, they're only five days late.

One of the ways baseball people set goals for a season is to be 10 games over .500 on June 1. Then get to 20 games over .500 by Aug. 1.

And when you get to 30 games over .500, you usually can pop the champagne corks, because 96-66 makes the playoffs nine years out of then.

The Phils are on a pace to win 94 games. That could be enough, but 96 would be a lot nicer.