Twelve eighth-graders at Phoenixville Area Middle School can do their homework on their laptops now, thanks to an Audubon non-profit and the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation.

TeamChildren, based out of a warehouse in Audubon, collects old computers from area companies, refurbishes them, and then sells them at low prices (between $50 and $225) to children from low-income families. The organization sold laptops to 27 Phoenixville High School students last winter for $200 each.

Middle school principal Troy Czukoski selected the 12 eighth-graders based on need, and they were offered laptops by TeamChildren for $50 each. The Phoenixville Community Education Foundation stepped in and donated $40 for each student, dropping the price to $10 per laptop. TeamChildren founder Robert Toporek delivered the laptops to the school on Tuesday.

"We want to get computers in the hands of any student who is in need, because we understand their importance in terms of education and building life skills," said Czukoski, who plans to use TeamChildren again in the future, expanding computer purchase opportunities to sixth and seventh-graders.

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   Will Hobson