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Should Andy Reid wear tights?

One more touchdown by Brian Westbrook, and maybe Andy Reid should pay his star running back the ultimate tribute:

One more touchdown by Brian Westbrook, and maybe Andy Reid should pay his star running back the ultimate tribute:

By wearing tights.

That's what Reid promised he'd do, after all, back in 2004, if receiver/malcontent Terrell Owens scored 15 times.

The pledge came after T.O., perhaps inspired by those old Joe Namath pantyhose commercials, begged to wear black spandex leggings at training camp.

The coach said no. Not without shorts. But if T.O. got 15 TDs, not only could he wear tights, but Reid would, too.

"I told him I'd wear the tights," Reid said that June.

He didn't specify when this would occur. On the sidelines for the next game? More likely during a practice or the following training camp.

Fifteen TDs would have been a remarkable feat, since only one Bird has ever done it - running back Steve Van Buren, who scored 18 times in 1945.

In just 10 games.

Reid in tights might have been an even more remarkable sight.

And yet this fashion thunder-blunder almost came to pass.

Owens scored 14 times in 14 games, setting an Eagles record for a receiver.

Then a horse-collar tackle by Dallas Cowboys safety tackle Roy Williams sent Owens and his fractured fibula off to Hyperbaric Recuperation Land till the Super Bowl.

After the injury, Reid extended the offer, according to ESPN. "The tights are on hold," he said. "Now if he can come back and get one in the Super Bowl, I'll don the tights."

T.O. did return, and he had a team-high nine catches in the loss to New England, but the Birds' three TDs were by Westbrook, L.J. Smith and Greg Lewis.

Only twice before had an Eagle scored 14 TDs in a season - running back Wilbert Montgomery in 1979 and Van Buren in 1947.

The following year, the Eagles, tired of Owens' cranky high jinks, banished him in midseason. That ended their relationship and any coach-hosiery deal.

On Sunday against the New York Giants, however, Westbrook scored twice - his fifth and sixth touchdowns in two games - and hiked his season total to 14.

Nine scores rushing. Five receiving.

One more and it's the most by an Eagle in 63 years.

Clearly, such an accomplishment ought to commemorated.

That goes double should Westbrook tie or break the record. At his recent pace, and with three games still left, that's a promising prospect.

And what could more unforgettable than Andy Reid in tights?

Freddie Mitchell's playoff Frohawk and Randall Cunningham's gold-tipped shoelaces would look boring by comparison.

Then again, Philadelphia is a town that takes its jinxes seriously, and Owens was severely hurt.

So maybe it's not wise to toy with the football gods.

Or the Fickle Fates of Fashion.

Maybe it's too-too much to suggest Reid wear anything resembling a tutu.

A better look might be a Santa suit at a charitable event.

Then again, the Eagles did make the Super Bowl the year of the pants-alternative pledge ...

The Eagles were asked yesterday about the tights-for-touchdowns issue, but no comment has been relayed yet from Reid.