There's an old Bob Newhart routine that takes place with the comedian in a "Fear of Flying Workshop."

The counselor asks him, "What part of flying don't you like?"

Newhart replies: "That part when you're off the ground."

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan could use Bob Newhart's help.

Finnegan is going to his first Pro Bowl. He just doesn't know how he'll get to Hawaii.

Problem is, he's afraid of flying.

Finnegan told the Associated Press he's thinking of taking a tranquilizer or something to help him through the flight. He says he's really scared and actually has thought of traveling to Hawaii on a cruise ship.

Finnegan says he expects to take 30 people, including friends, family coaches and teammates, with him to Hawaii in case it's his only appearance in the Pro Bowl.

Maybe somebody should tell him Tennessee is the home state of Jack Daniels.

Overheard in the press box. Why did Penn State give Joe Paterno a three-year contract extension?

Answer: Because Jamie Moyer wasn't available.

Those of us who thought this would be Paterno's last season have been sadly fooled.

As we have been every season since 1986, when Joe led the Lions to the No. 1 ranking in the same year he turned 60.

He is the most amazing story in sports.