No doubt the casino was steamed.

Ninety-one lobsters had somehow walked out of the kitchen at Bally's Atlantic City on Thursday.

Apparently they left inside a backpack and tucked inside a man's clothes, according to reports.

Good thing for him those lobsters were frozen.

Nobody stuffs live lobsters inside a jacket or pants.

The alleged perp aroused suspicion for a few reasons.

First, the overly bulky clothing.

Second, he was walking very slowly, police told the Atlantic City Press.

Third, kitchens are off-limits to the public, so an officer watching surveillance cameras noticed.

Soon the suspect found himself trapped, along with the young lobsters, and, as security guards tailing him muscled in to make the pinch, the man knew he was in hot water.

They'd quickly cracked the case.

"The lobsters were all recovered," said Sgt. Monica McMenamin, police spokeswoman.

Charged with theft and trespassing was Anthony Jones, 38, of Atlantic Avenue. Bail was set at $10,000.

The lobsters were worth an about $1,200, and that's a lot of clams.

No word if Jones tried to butter up the judge.

Bally's, by the way, is near the ocean, not the old bay.