Three men have been accused of running a multi-million dollar meth ring that law enforcement dubbed "Operation Mexican Ice," state Attorney General Tom Corbett said this afternoon.

Adalberto "Nanao" Morales, Rafael Torres-Aguilar and Emmanuel Pimentel-Mejia, who police said were all in the country illegally, were arrested in April after a 10-month investigation, are being charged with distributing crystal methamphetamine in Philadelphia, its surrounding suburbs and southern New Jersey.

Corbett said the $2.5 million operation, which ran from Mexico to Philadelphia, distributed large quantities of crystal methamphetamine that was "pure, more addictive and smokeable."

The investigation was placed before a statewide investigating grand jury, which today recommended charges including violations of the controlled substances, drug, device and cosmetic act, and criminal conspiracy. The case will be prosecuted in Chester County, Corbett said.

Corbett said that more than 40 lower-levels members of the drug ring are part of a continuing investigation.