It's hard to see what difference Donovan McNabb's restructured contract makes to the Eagles' future.

McNabb was under contract for the next two seasons under the previous pact and is under contract for the next two seasons under the new, more lucrative, one.

Unless there is a provision guaranteeing one or both seasons, the Eagles can still part ways with McNabb without penalty, if they wish.

Given the complete mystery of how Kevin Kolb would perform given a clear shot at the job, that seems unlikely.

Kolb, who also is under contract for the next two seasons, seems highly unlikely to unseat a healthy McNabb.

And both will be finishing their contracts in 2010.

So if the Eagles' idea was to avoid having to find a brand new quarterback for 2011, they didn't get it done. They're still running the risk of having both QBs move on after two more years.

It's risky to read too much into the tea leaves, but it appears the Eagles are putting a little more emphasis on "win now" than they were in April.

On draft day they chose a young wide receiver and a young running back, guys who will be reaching their peak after McNabb's contract is finished and the veteran QB might be retired. Receiver DeSean Jackson and tight end Brent Celek fit that category, too, although both clearly made strong contributions last year.

No one could have been surprised a month ago if the Birds had decided to move on from the McNabb Era and start with Kolb and the other young skill players behind an essentially brand-new offensive line.

But now the attempt to placate McNabb by giving him more money instead of more years seems to make it a "win now" situation.

The complete rebuilding of the offensive line behind strong veterans instead of draft picks would indicate that, too.

Given the state of the NFC - are you really worried about Arizona or the post-Plaxico New York Giants? - it's a good bet.

It's also why Brad Childress is willing to wait for Brett Favre.

Can you say "Eagles-Vikings" in the NFC final?

I know, I know - it's for the right to get crushed by the New England-Pittsburgh winner.

But that's a topic for another day.