After more than two days of deliberations, a jury today convicted a North Philadelphia teen of shooting and wounding a Housing Authority police officer with an assault rifle last year.

The Commons Pleas Court jury found Zahir Boddy-Johnson, 17, guilty of all charges - attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm on a public street - in the Feb. 17, 2008, shooting of Officer Craig Kelley inside a security booth at the 16-story Queen Lane Apartments in Germantown.

"This is vindication," Officer Kelly said. "You don't bring that powerful of a weapon, you don't shoot at somebody three times, you don't reposition yourself to get off two more shots if you're not trying to kill someone. I am glad the jury saw it my way."

Assistant District Attorney Deborah Nixon said Boddy-Johnson faces 32 1/2 to 65 years in prison when he is sentenced by Judge Gwendolyn N. Bright on July 29.

Nixon said the verdict was a statement against gun violence on police.

"The jury verdict suggests to me that the people recognize that this violence against police will not be tolerated anymore," she said.