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Phils can’t find exec’s World Series ring

We all lose things.

We all lose things.

But usually we keep pretty close track of things that are worth, well, two or three times a "Cash for Clunkers" rebate.

Yesterday afternoon, however, a Phillies executive left his World Series ring in a restroom in the administrative offices at Citizens Bank Park, and didn't realize it was missing until more than a half-hour later, according to police.

Upon returning to said room, the ring was nowhere to be found.

So far, it's a case of lost - not stolen - property, police said.

The item, last seen by its owner around 1:30 p.m. yesterday, shouldn't be tough to identify.

Each 14-karat white-gold ring has 103 diamonds, one for each win in 2008, including 11 in the playoffs. Total weight of diamonds: 3.84 carats. A ruby inlay adds red to a big letter "P" for the "Phillies."

The value is more than $10,500, according to police.

The inside should be engraved with the owner's last name.

The Phillies aren't saying whose hand is a bit less sparkly today.

The exec is a member of the marketing department, a detective told the Philadelphia Daily News. He said investigators checked surveillance footage and conducted interviews.

Thirty-seven rings were presented during on-field ceremonies in April, almost all of them to players and coaches. Another 275 were given to Phillies employees.

The Phillies have declined to comment further on the case.

No word yet on a possible reward.