City workers have greased poles along South Broad Street in an effort to deter revellers from climbing them during any wild celebrations that might follow a possible Phillies victory tonight.

Street lights, signs, bus shelters and even trees have been coated by a yellowish goo that bears a resemblance to petroleum jelly.

Temporary "No Stopping" signs also have been posted along the thoroughfare warning motorists they could be cited for a violation for stopping between 5:30 p.m and midnight.

Hoping to prevent the damage and looting that followed last year's World Series victory, police are expected to be out in force tonight if the Phillies clinch the National League title.

Philadelphia Lt. Frank Vanore said the police department will take a number of precautions to guard against overzealous fans.

"We're trying to prevent people from getting too crazy and climbing up there," said Vanore. "We're trying our best to prevent some of what happened during the celebrations last year."

At Robinson Luggage, which was looted last year, manager Kevin Roemer said Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey had assured Broad Street merchants there would be a stepped up police presence.

"We're feeling confident about what the police are going to do," said Roemer, adding the store was taking no special precautions.

"I'm a big Phillies fan," said Roemer, who, like much of the region has a touch of Phillies fever. "I want to see a repeat. It would be great for the city."

"If we beat the Yankees [in the World Series] I have no idea what the celebration would be like," he added, imagining what is not yet a certainty.