A hearing on funding the city's ethnic parades, scheduled for tomorrow, has been canceled as Mayor Nutter and City Council work on a way to ease the financial burden on the nonprofits behind the events.

City Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez said the hearing before Council's Committee on Parks, Recreation and Culture Affairs was delayed indefinitely so the administration "can come back to us with some possible resolutions."

Sánchez, who is involved in organizing the Puerto Rican Day Parade, wants the city to present uniform and sensible options for parade organizers, who were asked for the first time this year to fund police and street cleanup.

Each of city's six ethnic parades - St. Patrick's Day, Greek Independence Day, Columbus Day, Puerto Rican Day, Steuben Day and Pulaski Day - have complained that their events generate much more goodwill and actual revenue from the city than they take, and should be funded. The Columbus Day Parade was canceled this year because of financial issues that included - but were not limited to - the new costs charged by the city.

The city is currently negotiating with the Mummers about funding their New Year's Day Parade, with many of the same issues.