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It’s official: Royersford man outeats everybody

Now Robert Shoudt's kids can say, "My dad can outeat your dad" - no matter who the other kid's dad is.

Now Robert Shoudt's kids can say, "My dad can outeat your dad" - no matter who the other kid's dad is.

As long as Shoudt - professionally known as the Notorious B.O.B. - gets to chow down on salmon chowder.

On Thursday, the Royersford man spooned down 2.4 gallons -- that's about 23.4 pounds -- in just six minutes.

That was a record for consuming non-solid food by fluid measure, according to George Shea, founder of the International Federation of Competitive Eating, as reported Friday morning.

The IFOCE has since announced that Shoudt also broke the record for most food consumed by weight.

The chef at Manhattan's City Crab "confirmed that each 32 fluid-ounce bowl contained 2.4 pounds of chowder," said federation spokesman Mike Antonelli.

Shoudt won $1,000 for eating 9.75 bowls of the glop.

The old record for weight eaten was 21 pounds of grits, set in 2007 by Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago.

Shoudt and Bertolli are tied for third in the IFOCE's rankings, trailing only hot dog and burger biting legends Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi.

The old mark for liquid measure was 1.5 gallons, set by Richard LeFevre of Nevada in a chili-chewing contest.

The Manhattan match was a promotion for Slammin' Salmon, a film that debuts Friday about a restaurant's money-making contest to pay off mobsters.

Play by play was provided by the movie's star, Michael Clarke Duncan, who played the death-row inmate with healing powers in The Green Mile.

Shoudt, who is a vegetarian outside eating events, said he might have eaten more if he could have chugged the chowder.

"You weren't allowed to tilt it so that it was just pouring out the bowl, and you just kept spooning it in," he said.

Shoudt rarely feels queasy after contests, but the next day "was a little brutal" afterward, he admitted.

The victory was the seventh this year for Shoudt. On Nov. 14, Shoudt gobbled 37 roast beef sliders in 8 minutes in a Roy Rogers-hosted contest. In September alone, Shoudt took titles for gobbling grits, burritos and chili spaghetti.

Next up: A peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich contest next month, somewhere down South, he said.