MAYS LANDING, N.J. -- Two of the defendants convicted in Atlantic City's so-called "sex tape" case were sentenced this morning by Superior Court Judge Albert Garofalo.

Ronald Callaway was sentenced to nine years in prison, while Floyd Tally received a 12-year term, in a plot to secretly videotape Atlantic City Councilman Eugene Robinson having sex with a prostitute in a seedy motel.

The taping occurred in November 2006. A few days later, Robinson was shown the tape and told it would be made public if he did not resign.

The case epitomized "how low down and dirty" politics in Atlantic City could be, Chief Assistant Atlantic County Prosecutor James McClain told a Superior Court jury when the trial opened here in October.

Both Callaway, 54, and Tally, 39, were convicted of conspiracy, criminal coercion and invasion of privacy. Robinson, a divorced, 67-year-old part-time minister, and the former prostitute, Kristyn Haino, 27, testified for the government.

The taping was set up after Robinson had had a political falling out with Craig Callaway, then the president of City Council.

Craig Callaway, who is Ronald's brother, pleaded guilty to masterminding the scheme. He is serving a 40-month prison sentence on that charge and an unrelated conviction for political bribery and extortion.

Tally, Ronald Callaway and a third Callaway brother, David, 46, were convicted on Oct. 21 following a week-long trial. David Callaway is scheduled to be sentenced next month.