"Yes, we're looking at white Christmas," said meteorologist Bob Wanton this morning. "It's going to be hard for this snow to get out of here by Christmas Day."

But Friday morning's flaky landscape might quickly melt away as rain arrives with rising temperatures - and possible flooding.

Over the next several days, temperatures may nudge above freezing, but even with some sun expected, not much melting should take place, said Wanton, with the National Weather Service's Mount Holly office.

Although the snow has already started compacting, it won't soon disappear.

Especially with overnight lows in the teens or low 20s.

So Friday morning, lawns should still be white.

Then comes a possible big melt, as temperatures rise into the 40s - normal for this time of year - and rains come, probably either Friday or Saturday, in the Philadelphia area.

A little rain might even sneak in Thursday night.

It's too soon to be sure of the timing or how heavy the rain will get, Wanton said.

But if the snow cover melts quickly and drains get blocked, flooding is possible on low-lying streets and in other areas, he said.

Snow isn't expected farther north either.

"Up north, the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, North Jersey, this could be an ice problem," Wanton said.

In the Philadelphia area, a treacherous freeze could follow Saturday night, as temperatures dip back into the low 20s, according to the forecast.

Sunday afternoon, the Eagles game here against the Denver Broncos could see fair skies with temperatures in the 40s.

Looking farther ahead, no major snowstorms loom.

"There is nothing in the next two weeks that we're watching," Wanton said.

For more on the forecast, go to http://go.philly.com/weather.