About 750 travelers were stranded overnight at Philadelphia International Airport, after dozens of flights were canceled because of the weekend's whopper of a snowstorm.

The airports two main runways were open by early yesterday afternoon, and all four runways were ready last night, but backlogged flights and storm woes at other East Coast airports left airlines scrambling to catch up and reschedule, according to airport spokesman Mark Pesce.

"It's one of the worst storms that we've experienced," he said.

Nearly 30 arrivals and departures were canceled this morning and early afternoon, he said.

"Hopefully in the next day or two the airlines will be back to normal."

He strongly advised travelers to check the status of their flights by calling their airline, calling the airport's hotline at 1-800-745-4283 (1-800-PHL-GATE) or using the airport's listings at www.phl.org.

The airport provided the stranded with pillows, blankets, water and snacks overnight, as hotels in the area were fully booked, Pesce said.

This morning, almost no one was still sleeping.

"Once morning push starts, then everybody gets up and they're trying to rebook a flight or they're getting on a flight," he said.