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Obama to stop in Phila. on barnstorming tour

President Obama plans to hit the road for a series of campaign rallies beginning later this month to mobilize dispirited Democrats to vote in the Nov. 2 midterm elections, party officials said Thursday.

The president is scheduled to visit Philadelphia on Oct. 10 on the tour, which begins Sept. 28 and will also include stops in the critical states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Nevada.

Obama also plans a "tele-town hall" on Oct 12 to ask supporters at events across the country and over the Internet to commit to vote.

Democrats hope that reminders of the heady days of 2008 will inspire the party's troops to fight on amid polls showing Republicans poised to make major gains in House seats, and possibly to win control of the chamber.

"Just as voters across the country rejected the President's PR 'Recovery Summer' tour, Pennsylvanians will reject his message of higher taxes, out of control spending and unprecedented debt," said Republican National Committee spokesman Parish Braden.